Steel and Aluminium

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We can produce any type of POS displays and signage from steel or aluminium. Our approach to creating signages is innovative and centred around different research factors.

If you can visualize it then we can create it! Let us know what your business needs and we will come to you!

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Print Ready File Format

Our preferred format for accepting artwork is a high-resolution PDF.


All artwork MUST include 3mm bleed past its final trim size on all four sides of the artwork.

A bleed is an area of your image that is outside the final cut of your printed piece. It is used to extend an image, color or line beyond the artwork edge, which enables us to cut the finished product without leaving a white line. For example, if you want your background to be entirely blue, you must bleed the blue color an 3mm past the edge of the final size of your background. This prevents a white line down one or more edges of your print, caused by very slight variations in die-cutting and trimming which can be ±1mm.


Files must be set up as CMYK for colors to print accurately. Files that are sent to us using RGB, Pantone, or spot colors will be automatically converted to CMYK which may cause some changes to your colors.


Please embed or convert to vectors all fonts used in your document before sending your final artwork.If we don’t have the font you have used, it may be automatically substituted for an alternative font in case you didn’t embed it.

Font Size

For acceptable legibility, the text should be no smaller than 6 points.

Please check all links are embedded or, if using InDesign, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P will create a package with your links and fonts. However, we would prefer if you would send us an exported PDF (Ctrl+E).

RGB Images

In some cases, we receive artwork that contains images in the RGB color mode. RGB stands for Red Green Blue. This is a color scheme that is used only in viewing images on the screen. This color process has a wider range of color possibilities that cannot be achieved by conventional CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) printing. Particularly, vibrant blues and greens in RGB are often not very transferable to CMYK. If you submit images in RGB color, we will notify you and give you the option to convert them yourselves.

JPG Formats

We do not suggest having your images saved as JPG or GIF formats. These employ compression schemes that reduce image quality. We suggest that you use uncompressed TIFF or EPS formats.

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